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Samuel Alito cements his status as linchpin of US Supreme Court’s conservative wing

For years, Samuel Alito has been overshadowed in the public eye by Supreme Court conservative stalwarts such as Clarence Thomas and the late Antonin...

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The setting could be a bar or restaurant, but let’s go with a corporate box in a football stadium. Hedgies brush maki-roll crumbs off...

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The Observer view on the killing of Sir David Amess | Observer editorial

When he was fatally stabbed while holding a constituency surgery, Sir David Amess became the second MP to have been killed in the line...

Uber, DraftKings, Seagen, Activision Blizzard and more

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi speaks at a product launch event in San Francisco, California on September 26, 2019.Philip Pacheco | AFP via Getty ImagesCheck...