Teacher Shares Heartfelt Message He Received From Student After 20 Years, Internet Reacts


“What a message to receive! Magical,” commented a person.

A teacher has a very crucial impact on students’ lives. They inspire the students to become a better version of themselves. No matter how old we get, we always think back on the teachers who gave us hope. One such instance was shared by a UK teacher on Twitter and the internet can’t get over it.

Mark Dent, Executive Headteacher of Cambrai Primary School took to the microblogging site to share a conversation he had recently had with one of his ex-students who connected with him after several years. The former student wanted to express his gratitude to the teacher for something he said to him 20 years ago. 

He shared a screenshot of a message that reads, “About 20 years ago you told me at a parents evening I should do something in science as I clearly love it. Graduated marine biology and just got a job offer today for microbiologist technologist at GSK. You are the first person to find out as you’re the first person I thought of weirdly. It’s really stuck with me all those years and I’d just like to say thank you, you were right. Have a good day mate.”

“Today I was tracked down by an ex-pupil and received this message. The moment I read this, I burst with pride and emotion. This is what we do it for, fellow teachers,” Mr Dent captioned his post. 

Since being shared, the post has amassed over 8.9 lakh views and 21,000 likes.

“This is amazing. I often think of my English teacher and the things she helped me with, she has no idea. So happy you were able to be tracked down!” said a user.

“Teachers are the heroes. Society should value them more,” said another user.

Another user added, “I haven’t done anything remarkable in life but I always remember my form teacher I had in Year 8, Mr Meakin. He was the first teacher to show faith in me & really encourage me & got me involved in all school sports. He emigrated to Australia. I wish I could find him to say thanks.”

“What a message to receive! Magical,” commented a person.

“This is one of many reasons why teaching is the best job in the world!!” said a user.

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