The 3 Most Adorable Puppy Videos on the Internet Today


Whether you’re looking to adopt a new puppy or you’re just having a tough day and need a video that puts a smile on your face, welcome! There’s nothing quite like puppy video therapy unless you’re getting some of those face-to-face puppy breath kisses.

This video starts with a lullaby playing in the background, which just adds to its calming appeal. You see puppies so tiny they can fit in the palm of your hand, and older puppies wilding out in their mischievous phases. Sometimes, they’re in groups, sometimes they’re in couples, and sometimes, they’re alone, in a bear costume, quietly enjoying a swirly ice cream cone.

You see a puppy getting a head massage, its tongue sticking out and eyes closed totally in the zone. You see mamas and babies cuddling, funny sneezes, and silly break-ins. All of that in just the first minute! This video offers just over nine minutes of cute puppy moments.

Enjoy nine minutes of the best puppy moments on the net!

Unlike the previous video, this one focuses on the sweetest little barking sounds puppies make when they encounter themselves in the mirror, when they’re trapped behind a fence and want to get out to play, and when they can’t stand their excitement as they enjoy the outdoors with their favorite humans and other puppy friends.

You even get to enjoy the almost-ferocious puppy growls when they’re not happy and trying to intimidate. Each pup displays their personality freely, making their humans laugh behind the camera. You even get to hear a high-pitched attempt at a bark that sounds much more like a squeaky toy as a tiny pup faces the treacherousness of a few steps downstairs.

Listen to the squeals, growls, and barks of the tiniest floofs.

For good measure, we included a third video to keep you smiling. This one is much like the first, full of clips of puppies being the cutest little floofs possible. The first is a talkative pup with a lot to say. Then you enjoy a pup in a coffee mug and a mischievous pup enthralled with a plastic container.

You watch the excited waddle-walk of tiny pups with short legs. Plus, you get a couple of slow-motion shots of these adorable little creatures. At one point, you’re witness to a puppy photoshoot and in the next moment, you watch as pups trek through the snow. There’s an escape artist in the mix and a proud mama rocking her two puppies to sleep. All in all, that’s thirty minutes of puppy time to get you through!

They’re mischievous, they’re excited, and you can’t take your eyes off them. Enjoy these funny puppy moments!

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