Tulsa Native Launches New Magazine To Highlight Black Entrepreneurship


A Tulsa business dedicated to shining light on Black entrepreneurship celebrated the launch of a new magazine on Saturday.

The magazine is called Greenwood Ave. and it highlights black voices from around the globe.

The first edition focuses on business owners and how they’ve overcome obstacles as black entrepreneurs.

Trey Thaxton is the creator of Greenwood Ave. and hopes to continue to find people that embody the spirit of Black Wall Street and share their stories with the world.

“For me, Greenwood Ave. is not just the 40 blocks that are in North Tulsa, it is wherever and whoever people are, realizing ideas, realizing visions, and making dreams come true. Greenwood Ave. Is truly everywhere,” said Thaxton.

He said they plan to release a new edition of the magazine every couple months and they are already working on the second edition.