Twitter employees say goodbye after mass layoffs, as site’s future comes into question


Twitter, normally the web’s window on the world, turned inward on Friday, as now former employees took to the site to announce they were among the thousands of employees reportedly laid off, one week after Elon Musk took control of the social media service.

What comes next for the site is unknown, but tweets from former “Tweeps,” as employees are known, seemed to presage a new era for Twitter — long the global town square for politicians, journalists, public figures and others — as many of the company’s digital ethics experts, human rights attorneys, moderators and engineers said their farewells.

One group that was apparently culled entirely, or almost so, was its machine learning ethics, transparency and accountability team run by Rumman Chowdhury, who

published research

last year on how Twitter’s algorithm amplifies right-wing content.

posted a screenshot
of her Twitter Gmail account last night showing she could not log in, and
other engineers
on the team
that it had been dissolved.