UAW strike could cost economy billions but is US recession likely?


It’s anyone’s guess how long a UAW strike could last — or how deep the economic pain could be in Michigan and across the country. Such forecasts before a contract deadline really are just best guesses — much like trying to prognosticate the upcoming winter’s total snow fall when the leaves on the trees haven’t yet turned red. It can be tricky.

The UAW’s march toward the contract deadline at 11:59 p.m. Thursday has been so shockingly off course from earlier contract talks in the auto industry that many don’t know what path any potential strike by 146,000 U.S. autoworkers could take.

Predicting the overall economic impact could be even tougher if the UAW moves to run strategic walkouts. As reported in the Detroit Free Press late Tuesday, a UAW strike plan could involve a most unusual strategy for targeting only certain key plants at all three Detroit automakers and escalating strike activity at different factories as warranted in the days ahead.