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No job is big or small, is the collective reaction to the viral LinkedIn post, which is being lauded for highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit of Sharmishtha Ghosh. The Delhiite is operating a redhi (cart) in Gopi Nath Bazar, Delhi Cantonment.

The social media post — which got over 31,000 reactions and close to a thousand comments — mentions how Gosh is running a tea stall despite possessing a master’s degree. However, after visiting the location, the woman who who previously worked at the British Council, clarifies that she is “not a chaiwali, and this is not just a tea stall”.

“So the viral post is incorrect,” shares the 49-year-old, adding that the tea served at the stall is incidental to the cold weather in the Capital. “Our business is about providing healthy, home-cooked meals since I am extremely passionate about food. It is a small business, a food joint that we call Bhu Bhasha, the language of Mother Earth, which I started along with my business partner Bhavna Rao (46, who previously worked with an international airline), and my soul sister, Sadhana (32, who started as kitchen help at Ghosh’s home before becoming a partner),” elaborates Ghosh.

Sharmishtha Ghosh (centre) with her business partners Bhavna Rao (right) and Sadhana (left).

What started as a hobby, became a passion project for the three women, and is now operational from every Friday to Sunday. The stall has become the talking point among foodies since the ‘motivational’ post went viral. “The stall has gained so much popularity with people loving our food. Customers place orders even on the days we don’t open, and we do deliver,” smiles Ghosh.

The menu changes every day. For example, at present, among the many delectable dishes available are winter special savoury delights such as makke ki roti and sarson ka saag, aaloo tikki, and chana bhatura. Every weekend, loyalists flock to the redhi to relish these scrumptious home-made dishes. “We want to use this venture to encourage women to come out of the domestic sphere, and finally be paid for the labour they perform everyday but often don’t get recognised for,” shares Ghosh.

Ask about the post stating that her endeavour is just a step towards becoming the next big chai chain, and Ghosh clarifies, “This stall is about our love for food, and celebrates our prowess at cooking. We might just be the next big restaurateur, but it definitely won’t be a chain about tea.”

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