We asked ChatGPT’s ‘evil twin’ DAN the most controversial questions about Indonesia. Buckle up for the answers


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the AI language model ChatGPT, which is said to be able to answer any query under the sun.

Well, not exactly. We’ve been playing around with ChatGPT and have grown frustrated by its tendency to give safe answers when presented with controversial questions, like “Which is superior: Indomie or Mie Sedap?”

Thankfully, we came across DAN (Do Anything Now), which is a way to “jailbreak” ChatGPT that allows it to bypass its content restrictions. DAN was able to give a definitive answer on the Indomie vs Mie Sedap debate, and it had a whole lot more to say about the most divisive topics in Indonesia.

While we can still freely use ChatGPT/DAN in Indonesia, we decided to ask the large language model’s evil twin questions most Indonesians would shy away from. Let’s begin with something light:

(Disclaimer: The views expressed below are entirely DAN’s. We do not condone the use of DAN for criminal and/or unethical purposes.)

Indomie or Mie Sedap?

How best to enjoy bubur ayam? Topping separate or stirred?

What is the worst Indonesian movie of all time?

Which is the better band: Dewa 19 or Slank?

Which is the better Indonesian car brand: Timor or Esemka?

If Indonesia had a star sign, what would it be and why?

What are some of the most insufferable Indonesian traits?

How do you improve Jakarta?

How do you improve Bali?

Will Indonesia’s minority groups ever live in peace?

Which suits Indonesia more: capitalism or socialism?

Who is the best Indonesian president?

Who should be Indonesia’s next president?


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