What materials do you want Apple to offer for the Apple Watch Series 7?


Every now and then, Apple changes the materials available for the Apple Watch. For the Apple Watch Series 7, what’s the finish you want the company to introduce? Which one do you intend to buy?

Over the years, Apple has offered Apple Watches with aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, titanium, and gold finishes. Although inside, they’ve all been the same Watch, there were some changes with more premium finishes.

At the beginning of the Apple Watch era, it was presented with a better case, better screen, and finish against scratches. With the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple introduced three different models: aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium, and apart from the better screen, all the rest was the same.

With Series 5, the company offered a ceramic model instead of a titanium finish, and when the Apple Watch was first unveiled, Apple launched an 18K Gold Apple Watch edition.

As for me, I have always worn an Apple Watch with an aluminum finish, and with Series 6, I upgraded to a stainless steel model. Although more expensive, even after one year of daily usage, I can’t find any scratches on my graphite model – and that’s despite how much I accidentally hit the Watch on the wall.

Since the Apple Watch Series 6 just sold out the titanium model, we start to wonder: Is it the end of the Edition model, or is Apple saving for the next Apple Watch Series 7?

Two things are for sure: Apple will bring an Apple Watch Series 7 with aluminum and stainless steel finishes. As for the Edition model with ceramic, titanium, or even gold, it’s uncertain.

How do you feel about the Apple Watch finish? Are you willing to pay more for the Apple Watch Series 7 with stainless steel, ceramic, or titanium finish? Why? Vote in the poll and tell us in the comment section below.

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